About this site

The main development language is C#. In addition, some Javascript and some Javascript libraries are used. The database is Sql Server and the web technology is .Net 8 Asp.Net MVC. The website layout is created using a customised version of Bootstrap 5.
The site was developed using Visual Studio 2022. Web site assets are minified using Gulp. Images are created using Adobe Photshop and Adobe Illustrator.
The site is hosted in Microsoft Azure. Parallel test infrastructure is used to host a test site.
We use Azure Devops to build and deploy each component including the database, APIs, clients and the web site assets such as the minified Javascript and CSS files.
The same Devops pipelines are used to deploy to the test infrastructure and to the production infrastructure. Runtime variables in the Azure Devops pipeline are used to switch between test and production.
Database changes are deployed using Dacpacs. Images are uploaded automatically to Azure from the developer's desktop using an Azure Logic App. An Azure Function then converts the images to the various sizes required for the various supported screen sizes and saves them to Azure Blob Storage.