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We provide services in Architecture and Development, Cloud Migrations, Devops, Digital Transformation and Product Development. We're' happy to discuss, on an obligation free basis any new project, service or product you are considering.

Intelligent Software Solutions

Instercloud is your trusted partner in the digital age. We blend cutting-edge AI with human expertise to create bespoke software solutions at a fraction of your in-house cost. Here’s how:

  1. Understanding: We analyze your requirements, business goals, and pain points using AI.

  2. Architecture: Using our in-house AI techniques, we explore a multitude of possibilities, optimizing for scalability, security, and performance to create robust software architectures.

  3. Smart Code Generation: Our AI engines write code snippets and modules to translate your vision into elegant code.

  4. Continuous Learning: Instercloud AI evolves alongside technology. It learns from real-world best practices, and refines it's solutions over time.

  5. Human Oversight: Our expert developers review and enhance the AI-generated code to align with best practices.

Instercloud AI. Let’s build together!

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Cloud Migrations

The cloud enables breakthroughs in performance and scalability, as well as Solution Architectures that are simply not possible with On-Premises infrastructure. We have experience in creating cloud-native applications, as well as experience in migrating traditional applications into cloud native architectures and applications in the cloud.

When deIivering solutions in the cloud, we work with clients to ensure that as many processes as possible are automated using Devops, including the creation of applications, databases and underlying infrastructure. Also, we seek to work with Devops teams to ensure scripts, tools and processes are as transparent and well organised.

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Digital Transformation

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and other technologies are enabling drastic improvements to business models and productivity. We enjoy working with clients to identify how their organisations can be made more efficient by integrating such technologies into their business processes. These technologies can augment manual labour to improve output, as well as improving quality by performing repetitive work more accurately.

In addition, we enjoy working with clients to identify completely new services and products that have only now become possible because of the possibilities of breakthrough technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. Our starting point is discussing the technologies themselves with clients, and how they could be relevant to their business. Then, we introduce relevant examples from other industries and we discuss how these could be applied to business processes within their organisation.

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DevOps is about streamlining the way IT operates as your enterprise grows. Whether it's improving the observability of your applications, automating the deployment of your applications, automating testing or creating infrastructure through automation, we can help.

Our goal is to help you to automate as much as possible. Through automation, your organisation can reduce deployment errors, reduce configuration drift in your infrastructure, speed up development velocity and identify more bugs earlier.

We have experience in many build and deployment tools including Azure DevOps, Octopus and Jenkins, as well as experience in many different domain specific tools such as Terraform, Bicep and Powershell.

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