Accounting System Implementations At Sports Centre

Accounting Image

Project goal

To manage a programme of computer system implementations encompassing a new accounting system, electronic mail system, appointment and meeting scheduling, and an Excel based budgeting system.

Project details

During the course of the assignment a suite of new computer systems were implemented. These encompassed:

  • an accrual Accounting system,
  • a Fixed Asset system,
  • a corporate email system,
  • a computer network,
  • an appointment and meeting scheduling system,
  • a Microsoft Excel based budgeting system.

At the same time monthly Management Accounting duties were performed including:

  • preparation of monthly and annual financial statements,
  • inventory control for a retail outlet,
  • debt recovery,
  • food and beverage cost control,
  • annual and quarterly budgets.

Project outcome

By the end of the assignment the organisation had been transformed from manual processes to mainly digital processes. In addition completely new systems had been implemented.

Tools and Technologies

  • Accounting system
  • Microsoft Excel