Activity Based Costing Project Manager For Global Gas Player

Activity Based Costing Image

Project goal

Enable this world class Gas Producer to accurately track revenue, costs and profitability across its various activities using Activity Based Costing.

Project details

The client, a world class Gas Producer with global operations, did not have an accurate means of tracking profitability for its various products and services, although it could track bottom line profit. The client had chosen to investigate the development of an Activity Based Costing model to bridge this gap.

The consultant led a series of workshops, which involved a group of Accountants from the client and myself, in which we specified the model, identified the source of the data for revenue, costs and drivers, and then created the model using EasyABC.

Project outcome

By the end of the assignment, which took place on a very tight timescale, a new system was implemented for assessing profitability across a wide portfolio of products and services.

Tools and Technologies

  • Activity Based Costing