Architect Developer At Major Government Utility

Highways Image

Project goal

Lead the architecture and development of a green fields Python application which incorporated complex bespoke mapping applications with data entry and reporting.

Project details

Highways England (the end client) wished to replace a desktop mapping application, which was based on a Microsoft Access database with a more robust and modern application. The Consultant's role was the following:

  • Architect a new application to integrate complex Python based mapping libraries with data entry requirements, and store data in a Postgres database
  • Lead the Python development, using an MVC approach for the application, and use SqlAlchemy as an ORM
  • Create and maintain the Azure Devops pipelines and git repositories

Project outcome

By the end of the project the client had a robust and scalable Python application, based on a scalable, Model View Controller application architecture, and a robust database. 

Tools and Technologies

  • Python
  • Devops