Business Intelligence At Major Internet Provider

Telecoms Business Intelligence Image

Project goal

Manage the rollout of Business Intelligence deliverables for a new Telecoms business unit within this global internet player.

Project details

The client was midway through a LLU (Local Loop Unbundling) project with BT in which the company's broadband could be implemented to its customers. As a result it required Business Intelligence deliverables for the project. The deliverables included Business Objects Universes, Data Warehouses, Business Objects Reports and SQL Server 2005 databases.

To achieve this the consultant embarked on the following process:

  • discuss reporting requirements with key staff from the LLU and marketing teams
  • designed the end databases
  • worked with team LLU team to co-ordinate the data feeds
  • planned new Data Warehouse functionality in conjunction with development team.

Project outcome

By the end of the assignment the client had Business Intelligence outputs from its new LLU project and for the broadband business, which was key to its UK operations.

Tools and Technologies

  • Business Intelligence