Cloud Infrastructure Development At Environmental Tech Company

Cloud Image

Project goal

Create Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure for an environmental technologies company.

Project details

The client, an environmental technologies company, wanted to implement an application on Microsoft Azure. The consultant's role in this project was the following:

  • Create Azure Functions for a data pipeline using Python, C# and Azure Blob Storage
  • Implement Web APIs as Azure App Services
  • Implement web applications as Azure App Services including custom domain and certificate
  • Implement security Azure Active Directory and Azure Keyvault
  • Implement Azure CDN for faster delivery of Javascript libraries and other web assets
  • Implement Azure SQL Server
  • Create a Cognitive Search resource to return relevant urls for user searches in the application
  • Implement Azure Cognitive Services including Bing Search

Project outcome

By the end of the project a very complex application had been implemented using Microsoft Azure and other Microsoft technologies.

Tools and Technologies

  • C#
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • Microsoft Azure


  • Earth Warnings