Cloud Migration At An Insurance Content Provider

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Project goal

Investigate the feasibility of cloud migration and prepare the development team.

Project details

The company wished to investigate the suitability of migrating their on-premises server infrastructure to the cloud. To do that the client was aware that in addition to moving their infrastructure, staff had to have additional training in cloud technologies. The consultant's role was the following:

  • Investigate Microsoft Azure as a replacement for the company's in-house computing infrastructure
  • Assess the suitability of Amazon Web Services to replace the company's in-house computing infrastructure
  • Train staff in the development of websites and databases using Microsoft Azure
  • Present to the development team on technologies such and Microsoft Azure
  • Discuss the benefits of the cloud with other teams and Management.

Project outcome

By the end of the project the client had greatly increased their understanding of the benefits of switching to the cloud and staff had a greatly expanded knowledge base of the subject.

Tools and Technologies

  • Microsoft Azure