Cloud Migration Of Financial Modelling Software

Cloud Image

Project goal

Migrate from on-premises servers and web applications to Microsoft Azure

Project details

The client had implemented web applications on hosted servers and wished to migrate to Microsoft Azure. To achieve this the consultant followed this process:

  • re-design the software to use worker roles and web roles
  • re-implement the software in the cloud as worker roles and web roles
  • further redesign the software to use Azure App Services
  • re-implement the software in Azure App Services to host the websites
  • implement Azure Sql Server
  • implement Redis Cache to store in-memory versions of the financial models which achieved significant speed improvements
  • used Azure Video Services to deliver corporate promotional videos
  • implemented Azure CDN to host Javascript libraries and other assets and deliver those at improved speeds across the globe

Project outcome

By the end of the project the client had greatly improved application speed across the globe and vastly improved scalability.

Tools and Technologies

  • Sql Server
  • Javascript
  • Microsoft Azure