Devops Transformation At Global Retailer

Shopper and Devops

Project goal

To vastly improve environment stability and reduce Devops maintenance effort

Project details

The client, a global retailer with an expanding online presence, had implemented a large number of testing environments. However, many of the environments were inconsistent and unreliable. This was making application testing cumbersome and reducing development velocity. In addition, the DevOps effort required to maintain the vast number of pipelines that had been implemented was huge. A solution was required and the following was proposed:

  • Reduce the number of Devops pipelines required by deploying changes to each environment at once in a single pipeline
  • Reduce the number of variables required in each pipeline by separating the variables into pipeline variables, global variables and constants
  • Use Devops automation to run Integration tests against each environment overnight in order to identify environment errors before the application testing teams commence work 


Project outcome

At the end of the project the client had a means of improving development velocity by ensuring that its testing environments were stable. In addition, since the Devops pipelines had been streamlined, the cost required to maintain them had been slashed. 

Tools and Technologies

  • Devops