Implement CRM System At Global Equities House

CRM Image

Project goal

To implement CRM software so that the client could monitor the depth and breadth of its relationships with clients across the globe.

Project details

The client, a global bank, had chosen CRM software to implement in all of their businesses across the globe. The purpose of the system was to improve the bank's understanding of the breadth and depth of its relationships with customers across the globe.

The client required Project Management assistance to implement the system within their UK, US and European Equities Divisions, centred in London.

During this assignment the consultant performed the following duties:

  • Represent the UK, US and European Equities business at high level meetings for the implementation
  • Gain user and Management buy-in to the project
  • Facilitate meetings with Management within the division to gather requirements
  • Organise data import and data entry
  • Manage the rollout of the software.

Project outcome

By the end of the project the client had greatly improved the visibility of the depth of its relationships with clients on a global basis.

Tools and Technologies