Implementing An Integrated CRM System At Top UK Construction Company

Customer Relationship Management Image

Project goal

Implement a 360 degree CRM system for a top UK construction firm.

Project details

The client, a major UK construction company, was implementing new CRM software across its four business units. They required Project Management assistance for the implementation. The consultant's role was the following:

  • establish the core project team which provided key business input and facilitated user buy-in to the project
  • co-ordinate the core team to specify the business and technical requirements for the software
  • create a project plan using Microsoft Project to deliver the programme of work
  • work with the external company to communicate requirements and bugs
  • work with internal key users test the delivered software and log issues
  • assist in contract preparation
  • deliver presentations on project progress to senior executives and key business users.

Project outcome

By the end of the assignment major improvements had been achieved in managing relationships with key clients across its four business units. 

Tools and Technologies

  • Microsoft Project