Payments Solution Architect Global Retailer

Online payments retail

Project goal

Architect a major programme of PCI Compliance and Architectural change, involving upgrades to Windows Server, upgrades to 30 existing applications, and the rollout of approximately 14 new applications.

Project details

The client, a major UK retailer with significant overseas operations, was part way through a major programme of PCI Compliance and Architectural Change which had unmovable and fast approaching deadlines.  A turnaround plan was required in order to meet the deadlines. The consultant proposed the following plan of action:

  • Separate the programme of work into three streams - Compliance, Microsoft Support Upgrades (Windows Operating System and .Net) and Architectural improvements
  • Identify the parts of the programme of work that could not be moved (Compliance and Microsoft Support Upgrades)
  • Identify the parts of the programme which could be implemented after the deadline (Architectural Improvements)

Following acceptance of the plan, a programme of the following work was successfully overseen:

  • A complex rollout of Operating System upgrades to 30 production servers
  • Testing of server upgrades and application installations
  • Architecture of 14 new applications for two new Payment Service Providers to replace legacy applications
  • Architecture of major upgrades to 30 existing Payments applications with replacement of core functionality
  • Architecture of .Net Core version upgrades to around 30 applications


Project outcome

The following outcomes were achieved:

  • 30 production servers were upgraded to Windows 2019
  • 70 UAT servers were upgraded to Windows 2019
  • 30 applications were re-architected and upgraded to .Net Core 6
  • 14 new applications were implemented
  • All goals for PCI Compliance were achieved
  • All requirements for continuing Microsoft Support were achieved.

Tools and Technologies

  • .Net