Performance Management At Global Equities House

Performance Management Image

Project goal

To enable the client to identify the best performing business units, and the best performing individuals within those business units across the organisation's European, US and UK Equities business.

Project details

The client required a way of identifying high performing individuals within its various Sales and Sales Trading teams, dispersed across Europe, London and the New York.

The consultant's role was to design and implement a Business Intelligence solution that enabled the client to achieve its goal using the following process:

  • Worked with key managers to agree a basis for distributing client commissions across sales teams
  • Designed a database to hold the raw figures
  • Worked with technical teams to implement the data feeds for Settlement systems into a Sql Server database.
  • Implemented the business logic to allocate commissions on the agreed basis
  • Implemented Business Objects reports to display the calculations involving drill down charts and tables
  • Tested and reconciled the final reports and charts.

Project outcome

By the end of the project the client had a means of identifying high performing individuals so that they could be appropriately rewarded and retained within the organisation.

Tools and Technologies

  • Sql Server
  • Business Intelligence