PSP Notifications Manager

PSP Notifications Manager provides a resiliant, scalable and cost efficient cloud based platform for ensuring that notifications from Payment Service Providers are forwarded to downstream systems.

The product is aimed at retailers with a significant online presence who want to gain total control over payment notifications. Get more information in the video below.


PSP Notifications Manager delivers the following:

On-premises Payments environments are typically unreliable and require continuous manual intervention to keep running. Our software is deployed as a fully integrated, working system and so the reliability of each environment can be expected to be 100%. As a result, the cost of running your Payment Notifications Handling process is massively reduced.
With PSP Notifications Manager Payments environments can be created or re-created in minutes. Developers no longer have to spend time manually editing config files for new environments, or debug existing ones. As a consequence, development velocity is massively increased as developers are free to implement new features and Payment Service Providers.
PSP Notifications Manager implements Auto Scaling in every micro service. As a result, your business is automatically ready for future growth in transaction volumes, no matter what the scale. In addition, environments not in use can be scaled down to zero automatically, reducing your business's carbon footprint.
On-premises payments environments typically take weeks to create and involve manual work across many departments including Testing, Networks, Development, Architecture and DevOps. Our software enables working test environments to be created in minutes and so slashes the number of meetings required.

Implementation plan

Step 1

Analysis and Planning

We document your back office notifications flow, noting any business logic, external data lookups and interactions with downstream systems.

Step 2


We configure PSP Notifications Manager to meet the requirements we gathered earlier.  As part of this process we ensure that all Integration Tests and End to End Tests working perfectly and that the Telemetry and Logging features within the product are integrated into your Support Operations.

Step 3


Next we configure the Devops Pipelines and Infrastructure As Code within PSP Notifications Manager so that all the Cloud Infrastructure and Applications are created and deployed via DevOps.

Step 4

Go live

Finally we help you roll out the solution to your live environment.